• The ACSUG actively collaborates on a variety of evaluation processes in relation to research funding.

Funding for establishment of research units

Under its system of competitive awards, Galicia's Ministry of Culture, Education and University Organization and Ministry of the Economy, Employment and Industry have approved the terms and conditions for access to grants from the Program for consolidation and structuring of research units. This includes the modalities of leading competitive groups, groups with growth potential, and networks and projects for individual researchers with outstanding career achievements.

Leading competitive groups: These groups are characterized by their strong academic publication indexes; high resource capture levels (although variable depending on the research field); demonstration of competitiveness at the national level and in many cases internationally; ability to attract and train young researchers; and record showing regular cooperation with other research groups, institutions, and companies. These grants are focused on further consolidation of research groups from the Galician University System (SUG in Spanish) that are considered as leaders in the Galician Innovation System based upon their scientific productivity and R&D activities.

Groups with growth potential: These groups, although without having achieved the same level of development as those in the previous category, produce quality research as evaluated under strict criteria, and are on their way to becoming leading groups.

Networks: Integration of research groups into network-type structures that promote access to interdisciplinary knowledge, funding sources, and a reputation that may be difficult to achieve on an individual basis.

Researchers with excellent career records: Researchers with an excellent record who are hoping to fund a line of research based on high-impact projects, primarily at the national and international scales.

Selection of the proposals to be awarded grants will take place based on a summation of the assessments produced by a panel of expert evaluators from outside of the Galician Research, Development and Innovation system and by the selection committee.

The evaluation process will take place at the offices of the Agency for Quality Assurance in the Galician University System (ACSUG in Spanish).

Authority to decide upon awarding of the grants corresponds to the Galicia’s Minister of Culture, Education and University Organization or Minister of the Economy, Employment and Industry, as appropriate.

Renewal: The grants will be applicable for a two-year period, and may be renewed for another two years.

Final evaluation: All recipients of the grants will be subject to a final evaluation, which will take place within a period of 6 months following the deadline for submitting the justification report for the final year.

2016 External Assessment Panel (for awarding modalities A, B and C - Government of Galicia)

2016 External Assessment Panel (for awarding modalities A, B and C - Gain)

2016 External Assessment Panel (for awarding modality D - Government of Galicia and Gain)

2016 External Assessment Panel (renewals)

2016 External Assessment Panel (final evaluation)