• The ACSUG actively collaborates on a variety of evaluation processes in relation to research funding.


The 2011-2015 Galician Plan for Research, Innovation, and Growth (the I2C Plan) establishes that funding for research activities in the Autonomous Community of Galicia must depart from a model based on funding groups as an accumulation of small research projects and instead shift to a model where the groups receive structural funding based upon the principles of quality and efficiency.

However, an exception is made for researchers under age 41 who are coming out of post-doctoral training programs for researchers, establishing their research teams, and defining lines of research differentiated from those of their groups of origin. A dedicated line of funding exists to support the research projects of such investigators.

The selection of the beneficiaries of this funding takes place by compiling the assessments performed by a panel of evaluators made up of experts from outside of the Galician University System and designated by the Galician Commission for Reports, Assessments, Certification, and Accreditation (CGIACA in Spanish), with the members covering the various thematic areas included in the call for applications, as well as by the selection committee. The panel can assign a maximum score of 90 points for each application and the selection committee can award a maximum of 10 points. The evaluation process takes place at ACSUG.

The authority to decide how this funding is awarded corresponds to the head of the Council for Culture, Education, and University Planning.

Expert assesment panel (final evaluation 2018)

Expert assesment panel (for awarding 2021)

Expert assesment panel(for awarding 2022)