• Verification, modification, monitoring, and renovation of the accreditation for official bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs.

Information about the program

According to the recommendations of the Spanish Network of University Quality Agencies (REACU) and the University Committee for Regulation of Accreditation Monitoring and Renewal (CURSA), the process proposed for monitoring of official university degrees includes

    • Ensuring effective execution of the teaching in conformity with the contents of the curriculum established for the degree, as appearing in the "Register of Universities, Departments, and Degrees" (RUCT in Spanish) along with the modifications approved by the Council of Universities and authorized, as the case may be, by the Autonomous Communities.
    • Allowing universities to detect possible deviations or deficiencies in the effective development of their degree programs, based upon initial report issued.
    • Helping universities to identify best practices and make decisions in order to establish the improvements that need to be incorporated during implementation of the curriculum.
    • Ensuring the availability of pertinent and relevant information to the various agents involved in the university system.

The monitoring process is applicable to all of the official degrees implemented in the universities belonging to the Galician University System (SUG).

Analysis must be performed for:

1.- Information that the university provides to the public for each of its degrees.

    • Information relevant to the degree:Provide public access to information related to the most relevant characteristics of the report for the verified degree and the degree's implementation.
    • Information related to the indicators: Provide public access to information related to a minimum core set of indicators; Provide public access to information to indicators included in the SGIC; Provide public access to information on the employability or labor market insertion of the graduates.
    • Information derived from evaluation of the Quality Guarantee System: Provide information on the application of the Quality Guarantee System (SGC in Spanish).

2.- Evaluation of compliance with the planning established and the results obtained, detection of best practices, deviations, and decision-making.

    • Evaluate compliance with the established planning.
    • Identify best practices and establishment of proposals for improvement.
    • Provide public access to information on the improvement plans.

3.- Actions carried out in response to the recommendations established in the final verification report and in the successive monitoring reports.

    • In the monitoring report, include actions carried out for the degree in relation to the final verification report and, in successive years, in the monitoring reports.