• Verification, modification, monitoring, and renovation of the accreditation for official bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs.

Informes finales seguimiento USC: Másteres

Year Pages File
Advanced Chemistry 2012 10 PDF icon IFS_MQAVANZADA_USC.pdf
Agriculture and Forestry Research 2012 6 PDF icon IF M. Inv. Agraria Forestal-USC.pdf
Aquaculture 2012 10 PDF icon IFS_MACUICULTURA_USC.pdf
Basic and Applied Research in Veterinary Sciences 2012 8 PDF icon IFS_MIBACCV_USC.pdf
Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation 2012 11 PDF icon IFS_MBIOCMN_USC.pdf
Biomedical Research 2012 8 PDF icon IFS_MINVBIOMED_USC.pdf
Biotechnology 2012 9 PDF icon IFS_MBIOTEC_USC.pdf
Business Management 2012 6 PDF icon IFS M DIR EMPRESAS.pdf
Chemical and Environmental Process Engineering 2012 6 PDF icon IF M. Enx. Proc. Quimicos-Ambientales-USC.pdf
Clinical Psychology and Psychobiology 2012 6 PDF icon IFS M Inv Psicoloxia Clinica e Psicobioloxia.pdf