• Verification, modification, monitoring, and renovation of the accreditation for official bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs.

Informes finales seguimiento UDC: Másteres

Year Pages File
Applied Psychology 2012 6 PDF icon IFMPSICOLOGIAAPLIUDC.pdf
Architectural Restoration 2012 5 PDF icon IFMReh.Arquit-UDC.pdf
Banking and Finance 2012 7 PDF icon IFMBancayFinanzas.pdf
Computer Systems Engineering 2012 2 PDF icon IFMISistemasinform-UDC.pdf
Computing 2012 5 PDF icon IFMComputacion-UDC.pdf
Derecho: Estudios de la Unión Europea 2012 6 PDF icon IFMDERECHOESTUDIOSUE.pdf
Disability and Dependency Management and Research 2012 8 PDF icon IFMGESINVDISDEP_UDC.pdf
Disability and Dependency Therapy 2012 8 PDF icon IFMINTDISDEP_UDC.pdf
Educational Innovation, Orientation, and Evaluation 2012 10 PDF icon IFMUNIVENINNOVACIONORIENTACIONYEE.pdf
Health Care Services and Research 2012 7 PDF icon IFMAsistenciaInvestigacionSanitaria_UDC.pdf