• Verification, modification, monitoring, and renovation of the accreditation for official bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs.

Information about the program

Determine the process through which universities must submit modifications being introduced in their undergraduate and master's degree programs for purposes of notification and/or evaluation.

Article 28.1 of R.D. 1393/2007 of October 29, which establishes the organization for official university degree programs and which is modified by RD 861/2010, establishes that modifications to curricula must be approved by the universities in accordance with their statutes or regulations, as well as when appropriate in accordance with the regulations established by the Autonomous Community.

Proposals for modifying degree programs must be a product of the monitoring processand therefore should be a natural and expected result of it. For this reason, each official degree may only be subjected to the modification process once each academic year as a maximum.

The request for changes to university degree programs as carried out through the modification process will entail the entry of the entire valid and up-to-date report into the computer application.

Possible changes to university degree programs can be classified based upon their type:

  • Non-substantial modifications: these are minor changes made to improve the degree program and that the university can implement as the result of the monitoring process. These changes are compiled in the monitoring reports and incorporated into the degree report when it must be subjected to a modification process.
  • Substantial modifications: these are changes to the verified degree program that entail alterations to its structure or the nature of its objectives. These can in turn be classified into two types:

    • Authorizable: these are changes that affect the structure of the degree program but that do not involve a change in its nature or objectives. These changes are requested through the modification process.
    • Non-authorizable: these are substantial changes that affect the nature and objectives of the verified degree program. These cannot be requested through the modification process. These changes can only become effective by requesting verification of a new degree program and by eliminating the previously implemented degree program.