Evaluation of faculties in the University of San Martín of Porres (Perú)

ACSUG and the University of San Martín of Porres (USMP) in Peru signed an agreement in October 2010 whereby ACSUG is to carry out the tasks of evaluating and certifying this university, to ensure the level of quality assurance there.

The evaluation procedure includes the following stages:

  1. Self assessment process, carried out by the university centre.
  2. External evaluation, including a site visit to the centres, undertaken by an expert assessor’s committee appointed by ACSUG.
  3. Issuing of the final report by ACSUG with the results of the evaluation.

The evaluation of the following university centres has already finished:

  • 2011 Year (3 centres):Faculty of Obstetrics and Nursing, Faculty of Deontology and the Institute of Quality in Education.
  • First semester of the year 2012 (2 centres): Faculty of Human Medicine and Professional Centre of Psychology.

Currently it has been developed the assessment process of 4 centres:

  • Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
  • Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Human Resources
  • Faculty of Economic Sciences, Finance and Accounting
  • Faculty of Communication Sciences, Tourism and Psychology

The centres are elaborating their self assessment reports and the external visits to the university are scheduled on October 2012.