• Pursuit of excellence through external evaluation mechanisms of the teaching activities.


The phases included as part of the DOCENTIA program are:

  • Phase I: Design and evaluation of the procedures.
  • Phase II: Implementation
  • Phase III: Certification of the procedures


Phase I: Design and evaluation of the procedures

In 2007 the ACSUG published its call for participation in the DOCENTIA Program directed at the three Galician universities. These universities then created procedures for evaluation of their teaching activities. External evaluation of these procedures took place prior to the implementation step.

Phase II: Implementation

Once the procedures have received a favorable evaluation the universities must carry out an experimental implementation for them, which must last for a period of at least two years. The primary purpose of this phase is to allow the universities, supported by the evaluation agencies, to introduce adjustments and improvements to their procedures in order to respond to the specific needs and requirements of the contexts where they are being applied.

Phase III: Certification of the Procedures

Once the experimental implementation of the evaluation procedures for teaching activities has taken place and once the monitoring phase produces a favorable conclusion, the universities can choose to have their evaluation procedures certified.

The Certification for Teaching Activity Evaluation Models for University Professors has a period of validity of four years. This provides external recognition of the quality of the teaching evaluation process for the certified institutions, as well as for their implementation and commitment to improvement and innovation in the teaching activities.


The DOCENTIA Program has a Framework Document that specifies the focus used for evaluating the teaching activities of professors, and which also includes the various phases of the process, the committees for coordination and evaluation, sample reports, the evaluation protocols applied to perform verification, monitoring of the implementation, and certification of the models used for teaching activity evaluation at the universities, etc.

This document was approved at the end of 2015, with the objective of integrating and updating all of the documentation associated with the DOCENTIA Program since its creation.

Updated documentation May 2021.