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External data protection audit


An external audit was carried out at the ACSUG by an authorised entity as regards fulfilment of the applicable data protection regulations. The results of the audit conclude that the ACSUG conducts adequate management and has implemented all necessary measures related to data security and protection.

An audit will be conducted every two years to verify periodically the suitability of the measures and working methods implemented in the ACSUG regarding this issue.

2008 2º ordinary invitation for bonuses in recognition of teaching and research work


The Resolution of August 27 2008 (DOG of September 3, 2008) , approves the REGULAR NOTIFICATION for the evaluation prior to the assignment of additional compensation in the form of salary bonuses for instructors and researchers and opening the period for the presentation of the applications.

Essential requirements for these bonuses

Access to the application to complete the request and other appendices.


  1. Considering the individual and consolidable nature of the bonuses, PROFESSORS ALREADY HAVing RECEIVED POSITIVE evaluations by the ACSUG in previous NOTIFICATIONS, DO NOT NEED TO REQUEST IT AGAIN.
  2. The deadline for the presentation of requests ends on October 3, 2008

2008 Ordinary call for supplements for recognition of academic excellence


On June 19, the Resolution of June 9 was published for approval of the ordinary call to request evaluation prior to allocation of additional compensation as a supplement for recognition of academic excellence, and the establishment of the deadline for the presentation of applications.

However, it is noted that today DOG was sent a correction of errors modifying the deadline for presentation of petitions, and instead of being 30 calendar days, it becomes 40 days; therefore, the final deadline is July 29.

Web survey for evaluating the official post graduate programmes 2008


The link is available to complete the “Web survey for evaluating the Official Post Graduate Programs.”

Access to the application will take place through the banner located on the right side of the ACSUG page, called "Encuestas POP/Máster" (Surveys POP/Masters) or through the following link:

The groups to which the surveys are directed are:

  1. Students
  2. Educators

They are organized based on the following criteria:

  1. Evaluation scale from 1 to 7, taking into account that 1 means being “totally in disagreement” with that expressed in the statement and 7 indicates being “totally in agreement”.
  2. Each user will complete a general survey and another for each subject that he or she studies or teaches.
  3. The surveys directed to the students are of four types. There are three general surveys: planning and development of teaching , student support services and resources to support teaching, and one to be completed for each degree. The fourth is specific ( instruction activity of the educators ) for each subject that must be covered by each professor and subject in which the student is registered.
  4. The surveys directed to the educators are of four types. There are three general surveys: planning and development of teaching , student support services and resources to support teaching and one to be completed for each degree. The fourth is specific to the group of students and one will be completed for each group of students the professor teaches.
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FIDES-AUDIT program. 1st invitation for evaluation of SGIC desing


The centers participating in Phase II of this 1st invitation for evaluation of the SGIC design will have until on May 15 for presentation of the documentation.

Public invitation for four training grants on the process for implementation of the FIDES- AUDIT program


Professor accreditation web form


Access is already available to the professor accreditation web form, to modify or include data of the curriculum vitae, corresponding to the invitation to be opened at the end of May/ beginning of June of 2008.

Invitation for evaluation for contracts 2008


Through the Resolution of May 19, 2008 (DOG of May 27, 2008), the ordinary invitation for evaluation is approved for contracts as university professor for the universities belonging to the university system of Galicia the period begins for presentation of applications.

The period for presentation of applications ends on July 7, 2008

Evaluation or report for the promotion and consolidation of associate professors


On May 5, 2008, the Order of April 22 is published, regulating the procedure for evaluation or report for the promotion and consolidation of the associate professors of the University System of Galicia, and by which the corresponding requests may be presented before the ACSUG.

First call for proposals for supplemental compensation for administrative positions 2008


The Resolution dated April 11 is published today, April 28, approving the first call for proposals to request evaluation prior to allocating the supplemental compensation pertinent to the recognition bonus for administrative positions, and beginning the term for presenting requests.

Evaluation of proposals for official post-graduate degrees (Third call for Proposals)


On January 21, 2008, the external evaluation committees meet for the official post-graduate programs.

FIDES-AUDIT Program: first call for proposals for evaluation of the design of internal quality guarantee systems


The centers that participate in this first call for evaluation proposals will have two possible dates for delivering the documentation and consequent evaluation. The first of them will be until February 15 and the following until May 15.