ACSUG is representing ECA in the “Qual-AI-ty Engagement project”

ACSUG, with the involvement of Luis Velón, quality manager in the agency, is participating on behalf the European Consortium for Accreditation in Higher Education (ECA) in the Qual-AI-ty Engagement Project.

Qual-AI-ty Engagement is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships project lead by Riga Technical University and co-lead by ACEEU. Other partners include the University of Twente, the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology and the European Consortium for Accreditation in higher education (ECA).

The project aims at breaking the old tradition and enforcing a new approach to assess the quality of education offered by leveraging AI resources to acquire and process qualitative data, thus enhancing efficiency and creating a culture of quality for student engagement.

The duration of the project is 26 months, from September 2020 to October 2022. For further information please consult the project website ( and the LinkedIn account (