• Agency for Quality Assurance in the Galician University System

Quality and environment policy

The Agency for Quality Assurance in the Galician University System (ACSUG) has the basic mission of contributing towards improving the quality of the University System of Galicia (SUG), for which it carries out actions involving the production of reports, and the evaluation, certification and accreditation of the activities carried out by Galicia’s universities, especially in relation to teaching, research, the transfer of knowledge and management.

ACSUG serves as a constant point of support for gathering and channelling information between the Galician universities, other institutions and social agents, in order to contribute towards the SUG being permanently updated and adapted to the changing needs of society.

The Management of ACSUG, aware of the importance of offering its services in a more efficient manner and satisfying the needs of its clients and users, has decided to implant a Quality and Environmental Management System, based on the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EMAS standards.

The ACSUG direction has committed itself to establishing a series of yearly quality and environmental objectives, and to ensure their compliance, taking this policy as a basis.

The general directives in relation to the Management System are the following:

  1. Establishing a documented working process to ensure the quality of the services provided and constant improvement as a working standard for the actions of ACSUG.
  2. To provide clients and users with the highest quality, services in line with the requirements and specifications established and based on applicable standards or legislation, specifically guaranteeing compliance with applicable environmental legislation, together with any other environmental requirements it may voluntarily subscribe to.
  3. To establish a continuous training programme for its personnel, permitting the improvement and constant adaptation of the services provided.
  4. Analysing information from within the ACSUG and from clients and users, to prevent errors and improve the services provide.
  5. To carry out its activities minimising any negative environmental impacts that may be associated with them.
  6. To work towards achieving energy efficiency, reducing the consumption of materials and other resources, and the correct handling of any waste materials produced.
  7. The system will be based on the principle of preventing pollution, incorporating environmental criteria in its areas of influence.
  8. To collaborate with workers, suppliers, the administration and the public in general in order to guarantee the transparency of the Management System. In relation with this, an environment declaration is written and published yearly, in which the environmental management carried out by ACSUG is described.

The efficacy and application of the Management System of the ACSUG is the direct responsibility of its Management. Acting on its behalf, a Quality and Environment Supervisor has been appointed, who in direct collaboration with personnel from the agency, will oversee the implantation, development and maintenance of the Management System, evaluating its suitability and correct application, identifying problems, verifying its efficiency and coordinating activities that influence its services.

This policy is revised periodically in the ACSUG Board of Directors meetings and it is notified to all of the personnel involved in activities that are directly or indirectly related to the Management System, being available to users and the general public on its notice board and on its website.