• Agency for Quality Assurance in the Galician University System

Governing Board

The Governing Board is the consortium’s highest governing and management body.

  • Composition of the Governing Board
  • The Governing Board has the following functions:
    1. Monitor, supervise and control at the highest level the actions of the entity and the performance of the person in charge of management.
    2. At the management’s proposal, approve the annual programming of the consortium’s activities.
    3. At the management’s proposal, approve the annual report of activities and of all reports deemed necessary on the management of the consortium, assessing the results obtained and recording any shortcomings observed.
    4. Approve the preliminary annual budgets and the contracting of of multi-annual obligations within the limits set.
    5. Approve the annual accounts and, where appropriate, distribute the result for the year, in accordance with the financial and budgetary legislation of the Autonomous Community of Galicia.
    6. At the proposal of the Advisory Board, approve the code of ethics that will establish the consortium’s principles of action.
    7. At the proposal of the management, approve the catalogue of means and services that may become the object of cooperation, collaboration and assistance within the autonomous public sector, referred to in article 9 of Act 14/2013, of 26 December, on the rationalisation of the autonomous public sector.
    8. Agree on the execution of agreements with public institutions and or private entities, as deemed necessary.
    9. Approve and modify the staffing roster, subject to compliance with article 58 of the Lofagga.
    10. Agree credit operations and treasury operations.
    11. Approve the admission of new members to the consortium and propose modifications to its statutes.
    12. Draw up and approve the organizational and internal functioning rules.
    13. Draw up an agreement to dissolve and liquidate the consortium.
    14. The functions attributed to the consortium referred to in articles 12, 13 & 23 of the LSUG.
    15. Exercise all types of judicial and administrative actions, appeals and claims in defence of the consortium’s rights and interests.
    16. Any other function expressly assigned to it by the resulting regulations that may be applicable

    In any case, the functions not expressly attributed to the other organs of the consortium shall be understood to be attributed to the full Governing Board.